Case 6 24-language language and terminal workshop in SP in Grójec
Date 2019 -September
Case Information Country: Poland , Grójec
Case name: 24-language language and terminal workshop in SP in Grójec
Total number of MCT zRDP405 devices deployed: 24 stations
Total number of servers deployed: 2 Server

Note: School takes part in government project of building new computer or language classroom. Kobis provides in one project both classroom: lang lab based on our local partner and computer classroom based on terminal solution with MCT zRDP405 devices. For high multimedia experience, classroom was divided for two servers, both of them working with 12 ultra thin-client stations. Redundancy of server is also important in case of failure because teacher can simply reconfigure devices to connect with only one server – classroom is still working even one server fail. Classroom is used on both computer science and foreign language lessons, so computer part is used all the time. " 
Server Specifications CPU: AMDEPYC 7401P (24 core)
Hard Drive: 1TB NVMe M.2
Power: Tower 500W
12 stations Per one Server